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Staff Listing

Name Position Phone Email
Dan Villa Budget Director 406-444-3616 dvilla@mt.gov
Amy Sassano Deputy Budget Director 406-444-0619 asassano@mt.gov
Ryan Evans Assistant Budget Director 406-444-3163 ryanevans@mt.gov
Jeanne Nevins Executive Assistant 406-444-3616 jnevins@mt.gov
Evie Davis Budget Compliance Specialist 406-444-3162 edavis@mt.gov
Brent Doig Lead Budget Analyst 406-444-3110 bdoig@mt.gov
Ralph Franklin Lead Revenue Analyst 406-444-1337 rfranklin@mt.gov
Nancy Hall Lead Budget Analyst 406-444-4899 nhall@mt.gov
Brian Hannan Senior Budget Analyst 406-444-7802 brian.hannan@mt.gov
Christine Hultin Lead Budget Analyst 406-444-3169 chultin-brus@mt.gov
Gerry Murphy Lead Budget Analyst 406-444-3191 gmurphy@mt.gov
Sonia Powell Senior Budget Analyst 406-444-4588 soniapowell@mt.gov
Pat Sullivan Lead Budget Analyst 406-444-1207 psullivan@mt.gov
Christopher Watson Senior Revenue Analyst 406-444-1338 cwatson@mt.gov
Malissa Williams Senior Budget Analyst 406-444-0054 malissawilliams@mt.gov
Errolyn Lantz Acting Administrative Services Manager 406-444-5518 elantz@mt.gov
Christina Holmes Accounting Technician 406-444-5565 cholmes@mt.gov
Matt Jackson Computer Systems Analyst 406-444-4539 mattjackson@mt.gov

Staff Responsibilities

Agency Analyst Back up
Section A: General Government
1104 Legislative Branch Sonia Powell Gerry Murphy
1112 Consumer Counsel Sonia Powell Gerry Murphy
3101 Governor's Office Amy Sassano Gerry Murphy
3201 Secretary of State Sonia Powell Gerry Murphy
3202 Commissioner of Political Practices Malissa Williams Gerry Murphy
3401 State Auditor's Office Sonia Powell Nancy Hall
5801 Department of Revenue Malissa Williams Nancy Hall
6101 Department of Administration Sonia Powell Nancy Hall
6103 State Fund Sonia Powell Nancy Hall
6104 Public Employee's Retirement System Ryan Evans Gerry Murphy
6105 Teacher's Retirement System Ryan Evans Gerry Murphy
6501 Department of Commerce Christine Hultin Sonia Powell
6602 Department of Labor and Industry Malissa Williams Sonia Powell
6701 Department of Military Affairs Sonia Powell Christine Hultin
Section B: Public Health and Human Services
6901 Department of Public Health and Human Services Pat Sullivan & Brian Hannan
Section C: Natural Resources and Transportation
5201 Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Brent Doig Malissa Williams
5301 Department of Environmental Quality Gerry Murphy Brent Doig
5401 Department of Transportation Brent Doig Malissa Williams
5603 Department of Livestock Gerry Murphy Brent Doig
5706 Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Brent Doig Malissa Williams
6201 Department of Agriculture Brent Doig Malissa Williams
Section D: Judicial Branch, Law Enforcement & Justice
2110 Judicial Branch Malissa Williams Brent Doig
4107 Board of Crime Control Malissa Williams Brent Doig
4110 Department of Justice Malissa Williams Brent Doig
4201 Public Service Regulation Malissa Williams Brent Doig
6108 Office of the Public Defender Malissa Williams Brent Doig
6401 Department of Corrections Malissa Williams Brent Doig
Section E: Education
3501 Office of Public Instruction Nancy Hall Christine Hultin
3511-5 Colleges of Technology Christine Hultin Nancy Hall
5101 Board of Public Education Nancy Hall Christine Hultin
5102 Commissioner of Higher Education Christine Hultin Nancy Hall
  Community Colleges Christine Hultin Nancy Hall
5103-8 Montana University System Units Christine Hultin Nancy Hall
5109 Montana Agricultural Experiment Station Christine Hultin Nancy Hall
5110 Montana Extension Service Christine Hultin Nancy Hall
5111 Forestry Experiment Station Christine Hultin Nancy Hall
5112 Montana Bureau of Mines Christine Hultin Nancy Hall
5113 School for the Deaf and Blind Nancy Hall Christine Hultin
5114 Montana Arts Council Nancy Hall Christine Hultin
5115 State Library Commission Nancy Hall Christine Hultin
5117 Montana Historical Society Nancy Hall Christine Hultin
5119 Fire Services Training School Christine Hultin Nancy Hall
Section F: Long-Range Planning
  Long-Range Planning Christine Hultin  
  Revenue Monitoring & Forecasting

Ryan Evans,

Ralph Franklin,

Christopher Watson,

Brian Hannan

Statewide Issues    
  Statewide Issues and IBARS Gerry Murphy
  Single Audit Coordinator Sonia Powell

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