2003 Biennium Executive Budget

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Governor Judy Martz Budget

Overview DOC
Sections A-F DOC


Governor Marc Racicot Budget

Volume 1
Overview DOC
Section A - General Government & Transportation DOC
Highway State Special Revenue Account XLS
Section B - Public Health and Human Services DOC
Section C - Natural Resources and Commerce DOC
Section D - Public Safety and Justice DOC
Section E - Education DOC
Section F - Long-Range Planning DOC
Section IT - Unified Information Technology Summary DOC
Section R - Reference DOC
Executive Branch Org Chart (p. 3) WPD
Unified Prevention Budget (p. 79) DOC
ADA Report (p. 83) DOC
Tourism Tax Report (p. 91) DOC
2001 Biennium RIT Table (p. 103) XLS
2003 Biennium RIT Table (p. 104) XLS
Volume 2
Long-Range Building Program
Volume 3
Treasure State Endowment Program (DOC)
TSEP Application Summary (DOC)
TSEP Ranking (XLS)
TSEP Final Recommendations (XLS)
TSEP Interest Projection (XLS)
Volume 4
Reclamation and Development Grant Program DOC
Volume 5
Renewable Resource Grant & Loan Program DOC